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The Importance of Businesses Giving Back

Nowadays, when people search for businesses to support, they want to know that they are giving their money to a company that’s doing good. With so many options of different businesses to support, consumers can be selective and wait for a business that they feel has a mission aligned with their values.

For business owners considering opportunities for giving back, it’s important to actually live that out. Many companies out there claim to be “mission-based”, but when it comes down to it, very few are walking the walk.

At Home Clean Heroes, we believe in giving back to the community. While our priority is to provide people with clean homes so that they can get that time back to enjoy on the things that matter most, our commitment goes much deeper than that. Since the month of November is a big one for Home Clean Heroes, we thought it was fitting to share some of the different passions we’re involved in to make our community a better place.

Our Partnership with Cleaning for A Reason

Home Clean Heroes is proud to be partnered with Cleaning for a Reason, an international nonprofit serving patients undergoing cancer treatment. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we highlight this effort throughout the month so that families facing this battle can find out more about taking something off their plate while they go through such an emotional time.

“Joining Cleaning For A Reason is our way of giving back to our local community,” stated Director of Marketing Kathy Turley. “We believe that every home needs a hero and providing complimentary cleaning services to cancer patients lets us help families maintain some sense of normalcy during a turbulent and emotional time.  Having lost both my parents to cancer within a year of one another, I know first-hand how comforting it can be to have the housekeeping tasks taken care of.”

Heroes Fighting Hunger Initiative

Home Clean Heroes team at local food bank

Home Clean Heroes locations also participate in Heroes Fighting Hunger from mid-November through the end of December. Heroes Fighting Hunger is an initiative where we collect canned goods and other non-perishable items on behalf of local food banks in the local communities we serve. During house cleaning services, customers have the opportunity to leave out these items with a printed flyer for Home Clean Heroes to connect. During the first week of January, the Home Clean Heroes teams drop off the canned goods to the food banks to replenish shelves from the holidays, to then be given to families in need. Last year, our goal was to donate 1,000 canned goods to families, and this year we’ve raised the bar even higher with a goal of 2,000 nonperishable goods!

Things to Consider When Deciding How to Give Back

If you’re looking for ways to give back with your own business, here are a few things to consider to get you started.

  • Make it Local. While there are benefits to partnering with a national or international charity, people are more often wanting to bring positive impact to their own local communities than ever before. Where better to start making a difference than in the lives of your neighbors?
  • Be Sincere. Find a cause that your business is passionate about, and live it out. Make it part of your core mission to give back in this way. If you’re not authentic about the work you’re doing, people can pick up on that. Customers want to do business with businesses that care about doing good.
  • Make Your Mission Clear. It means a lot more to hear the details of how you’re giving back rather than just seeing that you give to charity. Make it clear to people exactly what you’re doing to make an impact in people’s lives, and be proud to share it!
  • Choose a Nonprofit that Aligns with Your Brand. The way that your business gives back shouldn’t feel forced or random but should tie in with your brand’s product or mission.

It feels good to do good, and with a corporate give-back initiative, your customers will not only take notice, but employees will feel better and more invested in the work they’re doing on a daily basis, knowing they’re making a positive impact in the world. Stay tuned in the coming months to hear about our newest initiative, Heroes First, launching in the new year!

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