Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions we hear. If you have more questions, let us know by requesting more information or by calling our Hero Development team at 844-949-4376.

What qualities do you look for in a Home Clean Heroes franchisee?

The great thing about our franchise system is that our franchisees have diverse backgrounds, career experience and skill sets. While we welcome people with various backgrounds, there are few key characteristics our franchise owners all possess:

  • A desire to serve people. Being a Home Clean Heroes franchise owner isn’t about just cleaning homes, it’s about building relationships with your customers, community, and your cleaning staff. We look for candidates that are “people” people.
  • Our Heroes First initiative is a big differentiator, so we naturally are looking for candidates who have an authentic desire to give back to their local communities.
  • The best performing franchise owners realize the benefits of a recurring revenue stream and business model.
  • The ability to follow the system. Most people wouldn’t attempt to cook a new dish without following a recipe, right? The same is true with franchisees, they follow the “recipe” from the franchisor in order to build their business.

View the full list of qualities we look for in a Home Clean Heroes franchisee.

How much does it cost to start a Home Clean Heroes franchise?

Our initial investment ranges from $85,510 – $105,235. This includes the franchise fee, marketing costs, start up vehicles and equipment, operating funds for three months, along with a few other expenses.

Do I have to be experienced in cleaning to be successful?

Absolutely not! To date, none of our franchise owners had any background in residential cleaning when they came through our doors. While we teach the mechanics (and chemistry) of cleaning during training, we don’t actually want our owners in the field cleaning on a regular basis since they should remain focused on running their business. It’s the role of the franchise owner to train the teams to clean, which is part of the initial training and onboarding process.

How will I find employees?

While we can’t hire your cleaning staff for you, we can help you fish in the right ponds to help you find the right people. We’ll provide you with hiring tools, assessments, and competitive intelligence, to name a few, to make sure you are attracting the best candidates.

How will I acquire customers?

Our marketing department serves as your own in-house agency and will execute national marketing programs on your behalf. This will include direct mail, digital marketing and public relations, to name a few. The marketing team will work with you to identify and execute local marketing efforts for a well rounded marketing plan. Our national call center is responsible for turning those marketing leads into booked appointments and routinely has conversion rates upwards of 70%.

Can this be a semi-absentee or manager-run business?

We encourage our owners to be heavily involved in their business through all phases of ownership, but especially during the launch. Nobody is going to look after your investment the way you will. That said, some of our franchise owners do have office managers or manager-led businesses. This does not mean that the owners themselves are not involved. In fact, on a semi-absentee basis, the owner is still investing anywhere from 10-20 hours per week on the business. We do require managers to come through training, and we will help you identify candidates with an owner’s mentality to help protect your investment.

Do I have to rent office space?

We do allow franchise owners to launch their business from their homes if they are not prohibited from doing so by local zoning laws. If you opt for a traditional office space, we will work with you to ensure optimal selection based on your location and size.

How is my territory determined? Will I get to choose it?

You absolutely will have the ability to choose your territory/territories, assuming it is available.  All of our territories are zip-code protected and give you approximately 40,000 qualified households.

What does the training program consist of?

We break the initial training up into three distinct phases: First, a self-paced video-led training that is completed from initial onboarding up until the second round of training. The second phase consists of three half-day Zoom calls followed by a five day in-person training at our Hero Headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA. You will learn everything from business operations, to cleaning techniques to marketing and sales.

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