Spotlight on Franchise Business Coach Brittany Potter

Meet A Hero: Brittany Potter

Home Clean Heroes Franchise Business Coach, Brittany Potter, is a true example of a Hero to the Home Clean Heroes brand. Brittany joined Buzz Franchise Brands in June of 2017, originally working on the Mosquito Joe brand as an office assistant. Once the Home Clean Heroes operation started firing up the following month, Brittany officially joined the Home Clean Heroes team. She originally started out in the role of office manager, and eventually took on the role of General Manager. In this role, she oversaw the entire local grime-fighting team for the Virginia Beach location and grew the business to $1 million in annual revenue. She was recently promoted to a franchise business coach in January, where she is now part of the primary support system for Home Clean Heroes franchisees.

Get to Know Brittany Better

Brittany is married and has three beautiful boys. Being the only female in her home, she has no choice but to be an expert in grime-fighting, living in a house full of messy boys.  She has a natural talent for attention to detail and efficiency, which are important qualities in the home cleaning industry. She credits her grandfather as the superhero in her life and from whom she gleaned these skills.

Why Brittany is Our Captain of the Cleaning Industry

Because Brittany has grown alongside the company and been in different roles throughout each stage of the Home Clean Heroes brand’s journey, she knows first-hand how to run a successful cleaning business. She’s been in the weeds cleaning the dirtiest of houses, making her an expert in training grime-fighters on the strategies and efficiencies of getting homes sparkling. She’s been in the office manager role, helping her guide and groom other office managers in the best way to communicate with customers and convert leads. She’s managed a team, so she’s got excellent leadership skills, and can handle any difficult conversation and any personality type. Whatever situation franchisees need help with, Brittany has mostly likely lived through it herself and can confidently guide franchisees in the right way to handle different situations.

In addition to her depth of knowledge, she’s a mom of three boys, which leaves her no choice but to be a master multi-tasker, another necessary skill when problem-solving across franchisees in different stages of their businesses.

Brittany has also done an excellent job throughout her time with Home Clean Heroes refining processes to make them better and more efficient. These efficiencies have helped the house cleaning technicians be able to better optimize their time within the homes, resulting in better efficiencies at the business owner level. Her favorite part of her job is knowing that her work is giving back the gift of time, allowing people to spend more time with their family rather than having to worry about cleaning their home.

For those thinking of becoming Home Clean Heroes franchise owners, consider it an added perk that Brittany will be handling a large amount of training and onboarding, as she’s gained the skills it takes to run a business successfully. We are thankful to have Brittany on the team to not only help run our local operation better, but to train all of our incoming franchisees on what it takes to run and manage their businesses.


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