Franchisee Michelle Burnett Placing a Pin on the Franchisee Map

Franchisee Spotlight: Michelle Burnett

Home Clean Heroes of Salt Lake Valley franchise owner, Michelle Burnett, spent over 30 years teaching Spanish in public schools. Once retired, she immediately realized that retired life wasn’t for her, so decided to pursue her dreams of business ownership. Michelle was recently featured in 1851 Franchise to share her story and what she hopes to achieve with Home Clean Heroes.

What Michelle Did Before Franchising, and How She Decided Franchising Was the Right Career Path

Michelle was born and raised in Orem, Utah, teaching Spanish for over 30 years in the public school system across four different schools. Her most recent job was over 16 years before retiring, which she quickly realized she wanted to do something else. However, Michelle was looking for a new type of job in this new stage of life.

“I realized I didn’t want to work for someone else’s company and that maybe it would be a good idea to own our own company. There were so many options out there, and we had been brainstorming different ideas for many years, but we weren’t exactly sure how to break into the franchise world.”

Michelle eventually narrowed it down to two options, with a residential cleaning business being one option. Having learned to clean from her mom at a very young age, she always felt a sense of satisfaction after completing a job.

What Was Michelle’s Perception of Franchising Prior to Becoming a Franchisee?

Michelle had never actually considered franchising before pursuing this opportunity, but the more she learned about the operations of Home Clean Heroes and spoke with the corporate team, the more she was convinced this could be a great fit.

“I saw the great potential before us to grow a profitable and successful business in our Salt Lake Valley area.”

What Stood Out About Home Clean Heroes

Meeting the corporate team in Virginia proved to Michelle that Home Clean Heroes was what she’d been looking for.

“They were so sincere and presented all the data to us upfront,” Michelle said.  “The head of Buzz Franchise had a lot of knowledge and experience in franchising which made us feel confident working with him.”

Michelle is most excited to start building a team with employees that are ready and willing to work hard. She looks forward to finding the right people that will make connections with customers and give them the best service possible.

What Michelle Hopes to Achieve with Her Business

Michelle hopes to become profitable as quickly as possible and go full force out of the gate. She’s confident they’ll learn as they go and will adapt accordingly to meet the needs of families in the local community.

“Lots of families here have either both parents working or the only parent working. They just don’t have time to worry about cleaning. They want their spare time to be spent with their kids. This is where we step in and save the day. As we always say, “Every Home Needs a Hero.”

To read the full interview with Michelle, view the 1851 Franchise article here.

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