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Trends in the Franchising Industry for 2023

As the franchising industry constantly evolves, staying aware of emerging trends is essential for success. Franchising trends arise from factors such as consumer demands, economic conditions, technological advancements, and global market changes. In a post-pandemic world, numerous trends are emerging for franchises, particularly in the residential cleaning sector.

As an emerging brand in the home service industry, Home Clean Heroes fully recognizes the importance of adapting based on the current industry climate and finding ways to leverage these changes for the brand’s benefit. Here are a few of the top franchising trends, and how Home Clean Heroes is embracing this change to continue growing.

Work From HomeEmployee looking for franchise opportunities working from home

The normalization of remote work during the pandemic has led many homeowners to spend a majority of their time at home. This heightened presence has increased their awareness of the need for a clean living space. Residential cleaning companies have become more attractive, as they can clean homes while individuals work, alleviating the need for homeowners to handle the cleaning themselves. The flexibility of remote work schedules also allows for greater convenience in scheduling home cleanings. Home Clean Heroes makes it easy for homeowners to schedule their cleaning appointments during their schedule so they can continue working without interruption. Cleaners send in route texts to let customers know ahead of time they are on the way to allow those who work from home to prepare.

New Homeowner Boom

Over the past two years, there has been a surge in first-time homeownership. These homeowners are excited but also experiencing stress, desiring a sense of peace in their new homes. Residential cleaning companies such as Home Clean Heroes can ease their worries by providing reliable cleaning services. Whether it’s a move-in clean or recurring cleaning, new homeowners make for a promising target market, as investing in home cleaning saves them time and reduces stress during an already overwhelming period.

Increased Reliance on Technology

Residential cleaning companies heavily rely on technology for scheduling appointments, generating leads, providing real-time notifications about cleaner arrivals, and more. Integrating technology has significantly enhanced the customer experience, making it easier and faster to engage with customers. Email reminders about appointments, in-route texts, and after cleaning surveys are just a few of the ways that technology positively impacts Home Clean Heroes and their customers.

Demand for Disinfection ServicesHome Clean Heroes cleaner leaving hand sanitizer at a customer's home

The pandemic heightened concerns about cleanliness and safety, with individuals seeking control over their environments, particularly in their homes. While many pandemic protocols have been phased out, cleanliness is here to stay. Cleaning services have placed greater emphasis on sanitization, focusing on the disinfection of high-touch surfaces like bathrooms and door handles. Franchisees are properly trained in cleaning and disinfecting protocols to ensure homes are not only clean but also decontaminated, attracting consumers who prioritize a sanitized living environment. Home Clean Heroes emphasizes personalized cleaning to ensure safety such as an individual box cleaning supplies for each home to ensure there’s no cross contamination. This allows customers to be at ease when our grime fighters are in their home!

Enhanced Customer Experience

Franchises are placing a larger emphasis on improving the customer journey and experience. This can mean personalizing services, such as leaving a stuffed animal in a fun spot for a child to find or leaving a positive note on the dry erase board in the kitchen. It also includes convenient scheduling and payment options, referral programs, quality checks, and more. A focus on customer satisfaction and ensuring a positive experience is vital for franchises as word-of-mouth recommendations play a significant role in acquiring new customers and fostering long-term success.

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