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Tips for Entrepreneurs from Home Clean Heroes

November is National Entrepreneurship Month, and being a franchisor, we know a thing or two about entrepreneurship. The fact that National Entrepreneurship Month falls near the end of the year is fitting, since business owners are reflecting on the past year, as well as planning for the year ahead. For those considering business ownership, this is a great time of year to do some further research on what a future in business ownership could look like.

What Entrepreneurs Should Consider Going into 2021

Have a Business Model that Can Pivot

Whether you’re a current business owner, or considering business ownership, it’s important to remember that COVID isn’t going away as soon as 2021 hits, as much as we would all like it to. With that being said, 2021 could look much different than this year, given that there are several companies close to releasing a vaccine, and health experts also know more about the virus than they did a year ago.

With “pivot” being the word of 2020, you should continue to think about different scenarios for your business going into the new year. Whether a vaccine is released nationwide, or whether it takes longer than anticipated, you need to plan accordingly and be able to re-strategize in a moment’s notice. Having an adaptable business model has proven to be effective for businesses over the past year. Home Clean Heroes is no exception. With the onset of COVID, Home Clean Heroes took measures to keep both customers and employees safe, as well as introduced new products to kill the virus, such as an EPA approved disinfectant spray to use on surfaces, and a force field disinfecting mist.

Think About “Essential” Business Opportunities

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With all of the unknowns in the world right now that, as we mentioned, won’t magically go away in 2021, consider a business that can withstand a pandemic. Whether you already own a business and might be looking to supplement it with additional revenue, or are looking to become your own boss for the first time, choosing a business that is deemed “essential” can save you from the fear of wondering if your business will survive a pandemic. Home Clean Heroes has been able to continue providing cleaner and healthier homes to people throughout 2020 – even during shutdowns – as an essential business. This gives customers peace of mind that their homes are clean, and also provides franchise owners a recurring revenue stream, giving them peace of mind too!

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

As someone considering business ownership, the new year is the perfect time to try something fresh! For existing business owners, setting new goals is one way to try something new. Maybe introduce a new tactic into your marketing plan or brainstorm updated promotions you can offer. Or maybe look at other business or franchise opportunities that complement the one you already have as a way to diversity revenue and income. For franchise owners specifically, don’t be afraid to reach out to other franchisees and bounce ideas off of each other to see what has or hasn’t worked. At Home Clean Heroes, when a new franchisee enters the system, we encourage them to communicate with other Home Clean Heroes locations, because while we are always there to offer support, it’s not the same as sharing ideas or struggles with someone who has walked in your shoes.

While the year ahead is full of unknowns, we encourage you to go into it with boldness and certainty that this will be YOUR year!  If you prepare and go in with the mindset that you can do this, you’re on your way to being a successful entrepreneur!

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