Woman wearing mask and hanging Now Open sign on front door of business

Reopening Your Business After a Covid Closure

No matter where you may live, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected you in some way.  If you are a business owner, you likely secured your PPP loan to carry you through any closures and loss of business you may have sustained.

Unless you are an essential business like Home Clean Heroes, you may be planning to reopen now that many states have relaxed their stay at home orders.  Or, you may have already reopened and are finding yourself needing to pivot on a daily basis.  Aside from plastering a “Now Open”sign outside your brick and mortar establishment, there are some other effective ways for fostering customer loyalty during these times.  Remember, word of mouth is one of the most effective customer acquisition methods.

Businesses that authentically care about their employees, customers and communities have always proven to be the most successful.  Google any customer loyalty case study for Marriott, Nordstrom or Chick-fil-A, and you’ll easily find dozens of examples that make these brands excel in crowded competitive arenas.  In order to capture the loyalty of your existing customers and foster loyalty from new ones, you’ll need to develop a plan to authentically and earnestly show your care and compassion.

Measures Businesses Can Take for Their Customers

Cleaner wearing gloves and using EPA approved disinfectantBefore opening, you may want to evaluate what new products or services you can offer your customers.  If your core business is residential house cleaning, adding heightened protocols for the safety of your customers and cleaning staff alike is an absolute must. See how Home Clean Heroes has adapted here.  If you are providing any type of residential service, is there a thoughtful leave-behind, such as small hand sanitizer, you can leave at the house after service to show you care?

Quarantine has also meant putting on the “Covid 19” for many of us (similar to the “Freshman 15” from college days). If you are a restaurant, what type of new dish can you introduce to appeal to that customer segment?  Panera and WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) collaborated well before this global crisis, but other restaurant chains have gotten creative during closure, acting as food marts.  As restaurants reopen, what kind of “Crush Covid Cocktails” will we see on the menu?

Hair salons and stylists have long relied on their customer loyalty to drive revenue.  As those establishments start reopening, what kind of additional services or products will they offer?  Maybe a sample of their shampoo that protects color treated hair as a thank you for coming back?

Safety and security is at the forefront of every consumer’s mind these days.  What are some things you can do for both your customers and your employees?

All business owners know about the various mask protocols, limited capacity restrictions and six feet social distancing requirements, to name a few.  How you embrace those requirements and make them part of your brand is just as important.  Here are some ideas from restaurants to help you get started on thinking of how to creatively adapt to the current climate to bring success.

Beyond that, what can you, as the employer, do for your employees to make them feel safe and secure?

How to Make Employees Feel Safe and Secure When Coming Back to Work

Employees wearing masks and gloves to stay safeMaybe you opt to provide masks, or, even better, schedule them for more breaks so they can step outside and have a few minutes without their mask on.  Provide hand sanitizer around the office, including in the break room, restrooms, and next to the area where they clock in/out.  You get the idea.

Maybe you can offer a more liberal sick leave policy.

Maybe, it’s having extended hours, as one local hair salon is doing, so stylists can still see their clients and maintain the reduced capacity requirements.

Maybe you provide weekly breakfast or lunch for your employees to thank them for their hard work (especially while wearing masks).

One of the nice things about being part of a franchise system, like Home Clean Heroes, is that as the franchisee you aren’t left on your own to figure these things out.  A great home office support team will provide you the guidance, resources and infrastructure in such challenging times.  To find out more about becoming a Home Clean Heroes franchisee, give us a call at 844-949-4376 or complete an interest form at homecleanheroesfranchise.com.

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