Home Clean Heroes President Joe Delatte smiling in front of a clean home

Home Clean Heroes President Joe Delatte on The Daly Show

What makes Home Clean Heroes different from other cleaning companies? Franchise Consultant and host of The Daly Show, Kim Daly, sat down with Home Clean Heroes President Joe Delatte to find out how our brand has found success, and what makes us “heroes” in the cleaning industry.

What Makes Home Clean Heroes Stand Apart from Other Cleaning Brands

To kick things off, Kim asked Joe what makes Home Clean Heroes stand out in a crowded cleaning space to resonate with potential candidates looking to buy a home cleaning franchise.

Joe shared that there are quite a few things that set Home Clean Heroes apart. “We didn’t want to be known as ‘maids.’ There was a little bit of a stigma to that, combined with the color pink everywhere that made it an old, dated industry. We wanted to freshen it and make it more contemporary. We don’t want to be maids, we want to be heroes and give people back their free time.”

In addition to a fresh perspective on a dated concept, Joe shared how the brand wanted to see what else in the marketplace could be done to resonate with franchisees who we know want to be part of a community and give back. “As we explored the evolution of the brand more, we decided to start working with a 20-year legacy, First Responders Children’s Foundation, which gives back to first responders in the communities where we operate and across the country. A portion of every fee we collect from cleaning services goes to support first responders through the foundation. Their mission is to support the families of those first responders who have been affected in so many ways.” With this partnership, Heroes First was born, becoming a basic part of the fabric that makes up the Home Clean Heroes brand.

This is a really rewarding component of the brand that you won’t find with other cleaning companies. Our Home Clean Heroes franchisees have really enjoyed this aspect of the brand that gives back, and new candidates going through the discovery day process resonate with a mission that’s community-focused. Kim does an excellent job connecting those looking for new business opportunities with their perfect brand, and this mission-based involvement is exactly the type of opportunity that stands out in a sea of sameness.

Qualities of Ideal Home Clean Heroes Candidates

First and foremost, Home Clean Heroes is a people-based business. Making sure that customer service and team building is priority is a quality that franchise owners must encompass. Home Clean Heroes provides the tools and support to help strengthen the franchisee’s culture-centric atmosphere, but the foundation of a service-focused mindset has to be there.

On the business front, it’s important to make decisions based on the data. What do the analytics say? If this isn’t a candidate’s strong suit, the support that the corporate team provides can fill in the gaps to ensure there’s an analytical focus on the business to continue reaching towards and exceeding revenue goals.

Kim does an excellent job of honing in on what candidates are really interested in to ensure that they’re finding their dream business. You can watch the full interview below to hear more about how Home Clean Heroes is breaking the mold for the cleaning industry as a whole.

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