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Home Clean Heroes: 2022 Convention Recap

Home Clean Heroes was excited to kick off the first official convention this year, where the corporate team and franchisees come together to reflect on the past year and set goals for the year ahead. Convention is an opportunity for franchisees to share ideas with each other, and to get re-energized for the coming year. We were excited to join our sister brands in Cancun, Mexico to provide the best backdrop for our convention. Omicron had other plans though, and ultimately the decision was made to have a virtual convention to keep the health and safety of all our franchisees, vendor partners and employees a priority.

Our Convention Theme: Igniting Our Superpower

Our inaugural convention theme was Igniting Our Superpower, selected to empower franchisees to embrace the skills they’ve attained and to grow those and thrive in 2022.

There were endless hours that went into the planning and execution of an in-person  convention for months ahead of time, and then pivoting to a last minute virtual convention had its own unique set of challenges. With the sudden influx of COVID cases at the end of December and early January, the quick change resulted in months of planning being updated to a virtual experience with only a week to iron out the details. Priorities included making sure that from a technology standpoint everything functioned correctly, and ensuring the content was engaging and interactive enough for franchisees to learn and stay connected throughout the different sessions. During this two-day event, exciting and dynamic sessions were planned that kept everyone fully focused. There was great participation, and ultimately the event still got franchisees feeling energized for the year ahead.

Noteworthy Moments

The State of Home Clean Heroes

To kick things off, Director of Digital Marketing, Bridget Rawls, opened the floor with a convention playlist to make us feel like we were having a party in Cancun. There was a time of introductions to help the franchisees get to know each other and the corporate team better. President Joe Delatte welcomed the group, with several new faces that joined the Home Clean Heroes family in 2021. He then shared our Strategy for Winning in 2022 which lays out the goals we want to achieve as a collective team over the course of this year.

Some fun moments included a fun game of “Who Am I?” during the Biz and Booze session, where there was a fun fact on the screen and everyone had to guess which Hero the fact belonged to. An example of the great franchisee feedback received: “Great synergy and professionalism all around!! The content and subject matters were educational and engaged my attention on every topic and session.” After convention wrapped up, the corporate team went out for Mexican to celebrate a successful first convention.

While it wasn’t quite the same as Cancun, our first ever convention was a huge success. There was great engagement from the franchisees, and ideas swapped between owners to bring back to their own businesses to put in place. We are thrilled with the turnout, and can’t wait to be back in Cancun for our next convention!

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