Franchisee sitting in classroom learning about Home Clean Heroes during training

Back to School: An Inside Look at Our Franchisee Training Program

September is here and for many families, that means heading back to school – whether it’s in-person or virtual given the new COVID-19 era we are in.

We’re giving you a sneak peek into what the training program for a new Home Clean Heroes franchisee looks like.  After all, one of the most important parts of evaluating any franchisee opportunity is to take a look at the training program and ongoing support to ensure it is going to be the right fit for you.

At Home Clean Heroes, we take great pride in the fact that the team leading the brand is the same team that is conducting training.  In response to COVID-19, we have adapted some of our training agendas to be a hybrid of virtual and in person training. With that being said, we continue to make it a priority to support our franchisees at every level with training that begins as soon as you become part of the Home Clean Heroes family.

Home Cleaning Service School’s in Session

Based on everyone involved in training’s comfort levels, we’ve adapted our program to be as virtual or in-person as the franchisee is comfortable with, while still giving the highest level of detail and support during training. Here’s a sneak peek into our current training process.

Online Pre-Training

All franchisees are required to complete our online pre-training courses prior to starting the in-person or hybrid training.  The purpose of the pre-training is to introduce general concepts at a high-level that will be expanded upon in training, or provide background information or how-to’s that will be helpful to understand before rolling up your sleeves and getting started.  Topics include sales and in-home estimates, an introduction to the various systems we use, marketing introductory courses, general business introduction and grime-fighter training videos, to name a few.

Each learning path has an assessment to ensure that you’ve captured and retained the main points. Once you’ve passed all of the initial training videos, you’re ready for the next phase.

Business Operations and Opening Checklist

They say the devil is in the details.  For many, opening a new business is an endeavor that they haven’t yet undertaken and there are likely many elements that haven’t even crossed their minds.  Don’t worry, we have a detailed Opening Checklist that our Franchise Operations team will guide you through. This checklist all the things you need to have in place before servicing your first customer.  Whether it’s getting your business license, ordering equipment and cleaning supplies, systems access, phone installation, hiring employees, reviewing your budget, or the host of other items in between, we’ve got you covered to make sure you have a helpful hand with every step in the process so you are ready to go.

In-Person vs. Virtual or Hybrid Comprehensive Training

This in-depth training can take various forms.  Traditionally it’s been conducted in person at our Hero Headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA.  However in the past few months we have had to pivot and conduct a hybrid of in-person and virtual formats.  Much (but not all) of the classroom training transited to virtual, with pre-recorded presentations by the brand leadership team. The afternoon is spent live via Zoom for Q&A on the morning topics and any hands-on planning sessions, such as the initial launch marketing program.

The in-person training consists of hands-on classroom sessions, in the field training and practice cleaning houses, and a lot of role playing so that the franchisee feels confident in their customer service and sales abilities.  The training wraps up with a graduation ceremony on the final day.

Post-Graduation and Beyond

The training and support doesn’t stop with the day you earn your Hero cape.  With regularly scheduled calls with both the operations and marketing teams, you can be sure that your Hero team is with you every step of the way as you launch and grow your house cleaning business.   Your success is our success, so we work hard to give you every opportunity to soar to new heights.


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