Top Reasons to Join a Franchised Business

Top Reasons to Join a Franchised Business

So, you are starting the journey of looking for a new opportunity; perhaps you’re feeling burnt out on the corporate world and want to take a step back or maybe you simply want to spread your wings and be out on your own. Fortunately, buying in to a franchised business system is a great way to do both …plus a lot more! Here are some of the top reasons why joining a franchised business, like Home Clean Heroes, can accelerate your career and your happiness!

Ongoing Support

You’ll be on your own, but not totally alone. That’s the beauty of a franchised business model. While you’ll be making most of the day to day decisions, you will also have a corporate presence behind you that can assist in operational growth, marketing momentum, branding initiatives and more. It will give you peace of mind to know there is a team supporting you, from behind the curtain, as you navigate the everyday happenings of your new business.


Even though you have the support of a corporate team, you will experience a great deal of freedom and independence with your franchised business. You are the captain of the ship, calling the shots and making things happen! It will be up to you to plan out your days, hire your employees and budget your costs. Being your own boss will prove to be not only exciting but rewarding as well.


We know that any time money is discussed, things can get tricky. The good news is with a franchised business is that the legwork has already been done for you. There have been calculations made on franchisee fee, marketing, insurance, technology plus equipment and supplies. You will be presented with clear information, including costs and fees, so that you can make a decision accordingly.


You won’t be going in blind when you sign up to join a currently franchising business. There will be training courses you can enroll in, online information and education you can gather and knowledgeable discussions with other franchisees. These are all things that you can partake in and study up on before opening the doors of your business. The goal is for you to feel comfortable and ready for success in your new venture.


There are some really worthwhile perks when joining a business that is franchising.  Many offer franchisee fee discounts that will allow you to get up and running at a lower cost. One such example is VetFran, a service that encourages honorably discharged veterans to start their own business by giving them a discount on franchise fees. Policemen, firemen and other public servant jobs can also receive additional incentives and discounts.

Continued Learning

Many franchised businesses will give their ‘zees continued learning opportunities whether it’s through webinars, seminars, in office training or even annual conventions. These are great chances to get together with the corporate team and with other business owners to learn how to set yourself up for further growth and make the most out of your new business.


With the support from corporate and ample opportunity for continued learning, the sky is the limit! If you put in the day to day hard work, your business will soar. An educated and experienced corporate team behind you plus the new franchisee family that surrounds you, will grow both your confidence as a business owner and the business itself.


Joining a franchised business is a lot like joining a family. You can support one another with your own experiences in order to make the company grow as a whole. Franchisees who can help each other, even with something as simple as bouncing ideas back and forth, have the potential to increase their accomplishments monetarily and within their own communities. It’s great to know that other ‘zees will be there for you and will want to see you achieve great things.

Positive Impact

Last but most certainly not least, is the impact your business can have on the community that you live and work in. There are many ways that you can help people through owning your own business. The rewards can be endless when you give back in your own way after signing on to become part of a franchised business team!

Ready to boss up and become a hero? Home Clean Heroes has new franchising opportunities available in many markets throughout the United States. We’d love for you to become a hero to your family, your community and to yourself. Give us a call to learn more.

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