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Every home needs a hero.

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Ready to put your superpowers to work? Read through the steps below to see what it takes to become a Home Clean Heroes franchise owner. If you still have questions, give us a call at 844-949-4376, or email us.

Step 1: Review the Home Clean Heroes Opportunity

Step 2: Let’s get to know each other

Step 3: Apply to be considered and meet the family

Step 4: Sign on the dotted line, complete training, and you’re a Hero!

Step 1 – Review the Home Clean Heroes Opportunity

Explore this website and learn all about:

Then, contact us. Complete and submit the online Franchise Information Request Form. Once we receive your request, we’ll provide you with additional information about our opportunity. You’ll hear from one of our friendly franchise development representatives to answer any questions about Home Clean Heroes and how to get started with your own franchise.

Get Started

Step 2 – Let’s get to know each other

We want to be sure we are a right fit for each other, so our mutual evaluation process is how you’ll learn more about us, and we’ll get to know you better, too. Honest dialog gives you a chance to ask questions and experience the level of professional commitment we offer.

To kick off this process, you’ll be invited to join an introductory webinar hosted by our Brand President Joe Delatte. You’ll gain first-hand insight into our x-ray vision for Home Clean Heroes, where we are headed in the coming years and how you can be a part of it. If you feel we’re a potential fit, submit the “Request for Consideration” form that will be provided by your franchise development representative.

Next, you’ll be invited to attend a series of webinars, where we’ll roll up our sleeves and get into the details that will help determine if this is the right opportunity for you. Be sure to read all documents thoroughly and utilize your franchise development representative to answer any remaining questions.

Step 3 – Apply to be considered and meet the family.

You’ve been through the mutual evaluation process and reviewed all the information and the verdict is in – Home Clean Heroes is the perfect franchise opportunity for your future. The next item is to submit the franchise agreement application that your franchise development representative will provide. Now it’s serious; it’s time to meet the Hero family.

We’ll welcome you to the “bat cave”, otherwise known as our Corporate headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA to attend a Decision Day. Throughout this day, you’ll see what the Home Clean Heroes franchise opportunity, and our company culture, is all about. You’ll meet the corporate staff, take a tour around the office, talk more specifically about the business, ask any final questions and consult with us to plan your future with Home Clean Heroes. You’ll be just a few miles from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, so plan to fit in some beach time during your stay.

Step 4 – Sign on the dotted line, complete training, and you’re a Hero!

With approval from the family, territory selections made and fees submitted, you will almost be a full-fledged Hero. The last step is your attendance and completion of our Operations Training. Then, you’ll be fitted for your cape and welcomed to the Hero squad. Congratulations!