How Home Clean Heroes is Supporting Franchise Owners During the COVID-19 Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, business owners around the country faced a unique set of obstacles – including our Home Clean Heroes franchisees. Facing challenges is part of the experience of being a business owner but the emergence of a global pandemic is not a challenge that arises every day. Luckily, one of the best aspects of franchise ownership is that when these types of unexpected issues present themselves, you have a strong support system to work through them with you.

So, what has this meant for Home Clean Heroes? It’s meant our corporate team has been agile and nimble in reevaluating and giving extra attention to every aspect of what we do – from the support we provide our franchisees to the services we provide our customers on a daily basis, we are adjusting to an ever changing world and leading our franchisees how to do so.

Coming Together as Heroes

Home Clean Heroes has always valued being a franchisee-centric organization, but when COVID struck it became even more vital for us to unite as a franchise family. Our immediate response set our franchisees up for success. In addition to regular one-on-one coaching conversations, we dispersed frequent emails filled with information on the latest government updates, financial options and more. Being that we have a local operation in Virginia Beach, many of our health and safety protocols were able to be tested very quickly before rolling them out to our franchisees. And, of course, providing guidance on clear customer communication was a must. Making sure our franchisees had the tools to clearly explain what was happening and how we were adjusting our procedures was crucial.

Adjusting Operational Protocols

The health and safety of our franchisees, team members and customers are paramount. Deemed an essential business, Home Clean Heroes continued to operate with little pause throughout the year. Being that we are physically in customers’ homes, various adjustments to our processes were essential to align with all CDC guidelines and state health department protocols. These include checking our grime-fighters’ temperatures on a daily basis before heading out to clean, maintaining social distancing amongst our teams, wearing additional PPE and the introduction of a powerful EPA approved disinfectant. With more people spending more time in their homes with pets and kids alike, the demand for home cleaning services has increased as families are looking for a clean, safe haven.

New Training and Onboarding Processes

Now is a great time to become a Home Clean Heroes franchisee but amongst today’s environment, limited travel and in-person interaction has changed the way we onboard and train our newest business owners! From transitioning our Meet the Team Days with franchise candidates to a completely virtual environment to adjusting our business training to encompass a combination of recorded and live online sessions, we’ve adapted – all while ensuring our franchisees still have the full training and development they need to provide exceptional service in their community.

Providing Financial Support

Under the forward-thinking leadership of Home Clean Heroes’ parent company, Buzz Franchise Brands, it was recognized early on that the more we could do to preserve the financial security of our franchise locations, the quicker they would be able to rebound from the brief lulls in service. This support included, but was not limited to:

  • Deferred payment of monthly royalties
  • Deferred technology fees
  • Deferred marketing fees

We’re able to do this because of the strong financial position of our parent company, Buzz Franchise Brands. We are committed to a franchisee-centric culture, with one of our core values being to “empower and serve.” We chose to do this because we recognize the critical importance of our franchisees’ long-term financial success – to us and to them. That’s one of the true benefits of the franchising model – through good times and bad, you’re not in it alone!

Keeping Customers Informed

When COVID became the topic of every night’s evening news, the general public was inundated with confusing messages and conflicting information – and each local area was acting under different rules. It was very important for our franchisees to cut through the clutter and over-communicate with customers for what all this meant for their home cleaning needs. Our team developed materials across a variety of channels – email, social media, videos, websites and more – to help educate, update and address concerns. We also needed to reassure our customers that our health and safety protocols during service visits had been enhanced, with new sanitation methods and social distancing measures. By continuously updating protocols and materials as the virus itself has evolved, we have been able to effectively communicate to our customers and empower our franchisees as well.  We adopted the mantra, ‘A clean home is a healthier home,’ to underscore the importance of how having a clean home can impact a family’s well-being. Since emerging from the Spring quarantine, our customer recruitment numbers have been setting records, fueling our franchisee’s growth.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to share more about how Home Clean Heroes has adapted and grown in 2020 and why now more than ever is a great time to start a business in the home cleaning industry.

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