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Picture of CEO Kevin Wilson in Buzz Franchise Brands Shirt Against Wood Blurred BackgroundKevin Wilson, CFE, CEO

Kevin hails from the great white north where there is no shortage of dust bunnies. With a degree from the University of Western Ontario, he began his career in consulting with Bain and Company. Since then he founded a business that franchised bagel stores throughout Texas and traveled across the globe to work for South African Airways. Before sweeping into Virginia Beach, Kevin worked in Mexico City for three years and co-founded what is now the second largest airline in the country, Volaris (NYSE: VLRS). Upon returning to Virginia Beach full-time in 2004, he became a partner with Envest Ventures, overseeing $160M across three funds that made over 28 investments, four of which were franchisors. Kevin led mosquito control company Mosquito Joe to become a top franchise opportunity in the home services segment, along with Pool Scouts. As our own Superman, he soars to new heights by driving Buzz Franchise Brands’ franchisee-centric support system. When not fighting grime, he spends his free time with his wife, drinking wine or attending one of their three kids’ sporting events.

Picture of COO Brian Garrison in Buzz Franchise Brands Shirt Against Wood Blurred BackgroundBrian Garrison, COO

Brian had an extensive first career serving our country in the United States Navy before entering the franchise industry. Brian graduated from the Naval Academy, after which he served 22 years as a Naval officer, focused in naval aviation. He is also a former management consultant with McKinsey & Co, where he focused on strategy and operations in a variety of industries and corporate settings. Spending the majority of his career in military service, it’s only natural that he is the Iron Man of Home Clean Heroes. Brian coordinates the efforts and activities of the corporate team to enhance the performance of our franchises, ensuring iron-clad support and performance. He enjoys running, biking, hiking and watching his two kids out on the sports fields. Originally from Massachusetts, Brian is a die-hard Boston sports fan and, like a true Navy captain, enjoys a good single malt scotch.

Picture of CMO Angela Paules in Buzz Franchise Brands Shirt Against Wood Blurred BackgroundAngela Paules, CFE, CMO

Spending the majority of her life in Texas, Angela knows that everything is bigger there, including dust bunnies. Angela began her career in advertising, working on high profile clients such as Wal-Mart and BMW before her Longhorn pride drove her to a marketing role with her alma mater, The University of Texas at Austin. While in Austin, her entrepreneurial nature led her to open a coffee shop, which she ran for four years. Our very own Supergirl has a competitive nature and loves attacking new challenges; her nerves of steel ensure that no small detail is ever overlooked. She loves spending her free time outside, whether on the beach or hiking with her German Shepherd, Chevy.

CFO Mike Hull in Buzz Franchise Brands Shirt against Wood Blurred BackgroundMichael Hull, CFE, CFO

Some call him Toby McGuire’s doppelgänger, we just call him Mike.  Mike grew up in the grime-fighting city of Norfolk, VA and other than his college years at William and Mary from where he graduated, he has called the city home. He has a finance and real estate background and has been involved with our sister brand, Mosquito Joe, since day one in 2010. Mike puts his spidey-sense to work as he oversees the books and also supports the franchise operations with training, maintaining, and improving our current and potential franchise partners, and managing various vendor relationships. He enjoys his free time outdoors boating and fishing with family and friends.